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Here’s Why Racism’s Not “Just Comedy” (via chescaleigh)

Here are some of the things I talked about in this video:

YouTube Star Posts “Prank” Assaulting Women

An Open Letter To Sam Pepper By Laci Green

Sam Pepper Exposed By Laci Green

Interview With The YouTubers Behind “Hood Pranks”

A Few Thoughts On The Recent YouTube Scandals

My Tumblr Posts About Shane Dawson’s Problematic Content

Bring Charges Against Officer Who Killed Eric Garner

Renisha McBride shot and killed after asking for help after car accident

What’s Happening In Ferguson

Kendrec McDade, unarmed and shot by the police

John Crawford, shot by the police after 911 caller admits to lying about unloaded BB gun

Getting Called Out: How To Apologize 

YouTube Star Shane Dawson Apologizes For Blackface Videos But I’m Not Buying It

Now with closed captions! Yay! 

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Kerry being the realest chick since forever | Save the last dance (2001)

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Steal his look: Fred the Fish

Gucci Leather straight-leg pant-$2,300

Hermes Collier de Chien leather belt-$2,325

I’m really starting to hate yall 😭

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i couldn’t believe my ears when i heard this

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I’m crying lmfaoo

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